Sen. Steven Roberts Presents Dred Scott Resolution in Committee

Senator Steven Roberts Presents Dred Scott Resolution in Committee

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Steven Roberts, D-St. Louis, presented a Senate concurrent resolution calling on the state to formally denounce the Missouri Supreme Court’s 1852 Dred Scott decision to the Senate Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics committee on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

Roberts said the resolution is a step forward in repairing race relations and acknowledging mistakes of the past.

“As a state, we have never come together to rebuke this disastrous and discriminatory ruling by the Missouri Supreme Court, but we now have the opportunity to change that,” said Sen. Roberts. “While symbolic and unable to change the injustices of the past, I believe passing this resolution will send a strong message that we, as Missourians, believe all people are created equal.”

Senator Roberts filed a similar resolution last year while serving in the Missouri House of Representatives, where it received bipartisan support, as well as unanimous passage from both committees it appeared before. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the bill was not able to cross the legislative finish line. Senator Roberts hopes to see the resolution pass this year, which marks the bicentennial of Missouri’s statehood.

For more information, please contact Sen. Roberts’ office at 573-751-4415.