Sen. Mike Bernskoetter’s Legislative Column for Jan. 28, 2021

Missouri Forward

On Jan. 27, lawmakers had the opportunity to hear from the governor on his plans to move Missouri forward in the year ahead.

During his annual State of the State Address, the governor discussed our state’s efforts to fight COVID-19, including opening testing locations and distributing millions of pieces of PPE across the state. Beyond COVID-19, the governor also highlighted the success of Missouri’s workforce development programs in strengthening our state’s economy. Already, nearly 100,000 Missourians have received training through the Missouri One Start program, and the governor hopes that by the end of his administration, all 114 Missouri counties will be certified work ready communities. The governor also addressed the continued need to invest in our state’s critical infrastructure. He has proposed $6.3 million for projects at Missouri’s ports and $25 million to fulfill a transportation cost-share program. Additionally, the governor is calling for full funding for the state’s elementary and secondary education formula, as well as a pay increase for state workers.

I was pleased with much of what I heard during the governor’s address. I’m especially glad to hear that he is supportive of a pay increase for our hardworking state employees. I believe we must keep state wages competitive if we hope to attract and retain high-quality state workers. Altogether, I believe the governor’s agenda is preparing Missouri for the future and will help ensure we come out of this pandemic stronger than ever.

As the governor laid out his objectives for the current year, the Missouri General Assembly continues to move forward with its legislative duties. This week, I presented four of my sponsored bills to Senate committees. Senate Bill 36 establishes a tax credit program to help fund restoration projects for historic buildings throughout downtown Jefferson City.  Senate Bill 37 streamlines the monitoring of anhydrous ammonia to remove needless duplication and promote regulatory efficiency. Senate Bill 38 seeks to align Missouri with federal standards regarding electric bicycles. Lastly, Senate Bill 114 clarifies the reorganization of certain state departments. I appreciate the committees’ consideration on these bills and look forward to seeing them head to the Senate floor in the near future.

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