Sen. Eric Burlison Announces the Committee Passage of Second Amendment Preservation Act

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Eric Burlison, R-Battlefield, is proud to announce that House Bills 85 & 310, the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA), was voted out of the Senate General Laws Committee on Thursday, April 8. Senator Burlison filed similar legislation in the Missouri Senate this year and has prioritized it throughout the legislative process. Senator Burlison is handling the House version of the bill in the Senate and will lead debate on the Senate floor for SAPA.

“I believe the recent news about the president’s plans to enforce executive orders restricting our right to bear arms makes SAPA an issue the Legislature must address immediately,” Sen Burlison said. “Due to this urgent threat, I have worked diligently to sponsor a bill that law enforcement supports and has received approval from the Missouri House and will be brought before the full Senate soon for debate.”

House Bills 85 & 310 declare that any federal laws, rules, orders or other actions which restrict or prohibit the manufacture, ownership and use of firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition exclusively in Missouri will not be enforced by state law enforcement, state municipal officials and other state officials.

“Our goal has been to give law enforcement the support they need to do their job to keep bad guys off the streets, while also ensuring Missouri officials are not helping the federal government enforce any unconstitutional violations of our Second Amendment rights,” Sen. Burlison said.

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