Audio: Sen. Rick Brattin Discusses SB 39

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Rick Brattin, R-Harrisonville, discusses his support for Senate Bill 39, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which seeks to create additional protections on the right to bear arms from federal encroachment. Senate Bill 39 was heard in the Missouri Senate General Laws Committee this week.


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Brattin-Podcast-012121  (1:34)  Q: of this bill.

  1. Senator Brattin says he wants to protect the Second Amendment.
    Brattin-1-012121  (:10)  Q: in the Constitution.
  2. Senator Brattin adds he believes it is necessary to do this.
    Brattin-2-012121  (:19)  Q: the Second-Amendment right.
  3. Senator Brattin also says it comes down to states’ rights.
    Brattin-3-012121  (:17)  Q: aware of that.
  4. Senator Brattin says he’s not sure how this bill will fare this session.
    Brattin-4-012121  (:20)  Q: of this bill.