Audio: Sen. Karla Eslinger Discusses Committee Assignments

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Karla Eslinger, R-Wasola, discusses her committee assignments for this General Assembly and visiting the Capitol.


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Eslinger-Podcast-011421  (2:05)  Q: folks at home.

  1. Senator Eslinger says her week started with something different.
    Eslinger-1-011421  (:22)  Q: oath on Monday.
  2. Senator Eslinger adds she has received her committee assignments for this session. She will serve on the Missouri Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment, and Professional Registration committees.
    Eslinger-2-011421  (:28)  Q: committee as well.
  3. Senator Eslinger also says the Capitol is currently allowing visitors.
    Eslinger-3-011421  (:28)  Q: folks at home.