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Bills Sponsored by Senator Cierpiot

SB 30 - Establishes the "Show Me a Brighter Future Scholarship Program" and modifies the Missouri Education Savings Program
SB 31 - Modifies provisions relating to orders of county commissions and county health center boards
SB 32 - Specifies that no commercial motor vehicle shall operate in this state unless operated or occupied by a natural person holding the appropriate commercial driver's license
SB 108 - Creates provisions relating to telecommunications
SB 109 - Modifies provisions relating to property tax assessments
SB 110 - Prohibits tax credits for the construction or rehabilitation of residences located in certain distressed areas after August 28, 2021
SB 162 - Modifies provisions relating to elections
SB 163 - Modifies provisions relating to communications services offered in political subdivisions
SB 164 - Modifies provisions relating to driver's license suspensions for traffic violations
SB 202 - Modifies provisions relating to electrical corporations
SB 203 - Prohibits the amendment or reduction of a moving violation to a non-moving violation for drivers with intermediate driver's licenses or temporary instruction permits
SB 204 - Modifies provisions related to computer science courses offered in elementary and secondary schools
SB 280 - Modifies the assessment rate against public utilities
SB 406 - Creates provisions relating to customer class rates of electrical corporations
SB 432 - Modifies provisions regarding the offense of resisting an arrest
SB 529 - Authorizes the retention of sales tax for the sales of admission tickets to certain events
SJR 8 - Modifies provisions relating to elections
SJR 9 - Modifies voter turnout thresholds for tax increase elections
SJR 10 - Requires all county assessors to be elected
SJR 19 - Modifies signature requirements for initiative petitions
SJR 20 - Prohibits overlapping political subdivisions from levying multiple taxes for the same service
SJR 27 - Provides an exemption for certain personal property
HB 320 - Modifies provisions related to education
HB 734 - Modifies provisions relating to utilities
HB 848 - Establishes the "Daylight Saving as New Standard Time Pact"

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