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Bills Sponsored by Senator Washington

SB 82 - Authorizes a tax credit for urban farms located in a food desert
SB 83 - Designates the third week of September as "Historically Black College and University Week" in Missouri
SB 84 - Authorizes a tax credit for the purchase of certain homes
SB 145 - Creates new provisions of law relating to discriminatory practices
SB 146 - Modifies provisions relating to landlord-tenant actions
SB 147 - Modifies provisions relating to tax increment financing
SB 189 - Creates a Negro Leagues Baseball Museum special license plate
SB 190 - Creates provisions relating to expungement for certain marijuana offenses
SB 191 - Creates new provisions relating to the counting of inmates for the purpose of redistricting
SB 357 - Modifies provisions relating to medical marijuana program participants in family court matters
SB 419 - Modifies provisions relating to law enforcement officer use of force
SB 420 - Modifies provisions relating to reporting requirements of law enforcement agencies
SB 434 - Establishes the "Cronkite New Voices Act" to protect the freedom of press in school-sponsored media
SB 440 - Modifies provisions relating to juvenile detention
SB 441 - Establishes the Missouri Food Security Task Force
SB 446 - Modifies provisions relating to the certification of juveniles for trial as an adult
SB 509 - Modifies provisions relating to the expungement of records
SB 542 - Creates new provisions relating to the recovery of employment security benefits
SB 543 - Establishes standards for demographic data collection by certain entities
SJR 17 - Places limits on increases of the assessment of certain properties
HB 100 - Creates a "Negro Leagues Baseball Museum" special license plate

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