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Bills Sponsored by Senator Moon

SB 353 - Modifies provisions relating to sales tax refunds
SB 380 - Creates provisions relating to a terrorist offender registry
SB 383 - Repeals the Missouri State Archives-St. Louis Trust Fund
SB 391 - Establishes the "Abolition of Abortion in Missouri Act"
SB 392 - Creates new provisions related to the display of certain items in the classrooms and libraries of public schools
SB 393 - Eliminates the corporate income tax
SB 394 - Modifies provisions relating to the acquisition of land by the U.S. government
SB 412 - Creates provisions relating to working animals
SB 413 - Requires the Public Service Commission to consider multiple applications for area certificates of convenience and necessity from electrical corporations that want to provide electric service within the same geographical area
SB 426 - Prohibits the enforcement of any federal regulation by a state department or agency until the enforcement is approved by the General Assembly
SB 427 - Creates provisions relating to hunting permits
SB 442 - Modifies provisions relating to gender reassignment treatment for children
SB 443 - Establishes the "Right to Due Process Act"
SB 450 - Modifies provisions relating to abortion
SB 451 - Modifies provisions relating to taxation
SB 452 - Enacts provisions relating to automated motor vehicles
SB 502 - Modifies provisions relating to emergency powers in disasters
SB 503 - Establishes the "Save Women's Sports Act" to protect female-only athletics in middle schools, high schools, and colleges
SB 565 - Modifies provisions relating to the transfer of students within districts and between districts
SB 566 - Establishes the "Campus Intellectual Diversity Act" to create offices of public policy events at each public institution of higher education
SB 594 - Modifies provisions relating to the sale of property to satisfy liens on stored property
SB 595 - Provides a cause of action against a public body that causes economic detriment to a person for misapplication or unequal enforcement of the law
SB 596 - Modifies provisions relating to searches and seizures
SB 597 - Modifies income tax brackets and rates
SCR 2 - Calls on the Department of Revenue to issue sales tax refunds to certain taxpayers
SCR 6 - Urges the United States Congress to resist any attempt to increase the number of Justices on the United States Supreme Court
SCR 9 - Expresses support for actions taken to end motorcycle profiling
SCR 13 - Requires the Department of Health and Senior Services to notify local health departments of regarding public health authority
SCR 14 - Affirms the sovereignty of the people of the state of Missouri in areas protected by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and creates the Joint Committee on the Review of Federal Overreach
SJR 25 - Adds a definition of "person" to the Missouri Constitution and the laws of the state
SR 189 - Calls for the immediate termination of Executive Order 20-02
SR 203 - Memorializes a COVID-19 Vaccine Bill of Rights
HB 670 - Repeals the Missouri State Archives-St. Louis Trust Fund

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