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Bills Sponsored by Senator Mosley

SB 266 - Modifies process for rejecting absentee ballots
SB 267 - Creates new provisions establishing county commission district political party committees
SB 268 - Modifies provisions relating to the transfer of appeals
SB 269 - Modifies provisions relating to automatic stays of court and administrative proceedings for members of the General Assembly
SB 270 - Establishes time standards for court proceedings, orders, and judgments
SB 271 - Creates and repeals certain public holidays
SB 272 - Prohibits the publishing of identifying information of lottery winners
SB 273 - Requires certain financing entities to remit motor vehicle sales tax on behalf of the purchaser
SB 274 - Modifies provisions relating to child custody
SB 275 - Requires appropriation of transition funds for newly elected members of the General Assembly
SB 276 - Modifies provisions relating to fire protection districts
SB 277 - Creates provisions relating to police protection districts
SB 278 - Repeals an annual mileage limitation applicable to historic motor vehicles
SB 279 - Modifies provisions relating to street light maintenance districts
SB 363 - Requires the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners to establish seven wards for the purpose of electing directors in certain school districts
SB 364 - Creates provisions related to the statewide licensing of home improvement contractors and salespersons
SB 471 - Creates provisions relating to the "Office of State Ombudsman for Inmates in the Custody of the Department of Corrections"
SB 576 - Creates new provision relating to ethics
SJR 22 - Modifies provisions relating to jury trial waivers
HB 402 - Prohibits publishing of identifying information of lottery winners

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