HB 85
Creates additional protections to the right to bear arms
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6/14/2021 - Signed by Governor
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SS SCS HCS HBs 85 & 310
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2021
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/HCS/HBs 85 & 310 - This act creates the "Second Amendment Preservation Act", and lists various declarations of the Missouri General Assembly regarding the United States Constitution and the scope of the federal government's authority. In addition, the act declares that federal supremacy does not apply to federal laws that restrict or prohibit the manufacture, ownership, and use of firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition within the state because such laws exceed the scope of the federal government's authority. Laws necessary for the regulation of the land and the United States Armed Forces are excluded from the types of federal firearms laws that exceed federal authority.

This act declares as invalid all federal laws that infringe on the right to bear arms under the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution. Some laws declared invalid under this act include certain taxes, certain registration and tracking laws, certain prohibitions on the possession, ownership, use, or transfer of a specific type of firearm, and confiscation orders as provided in the act.

The act declares that it is the duty of the courts and law enforcement agencies to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

Under this act, no public officer or state or local employee has the authority to enforce firearms laws declared invalid by the act. However, state employees may accept aid from federal officials in an effort to enforce Missouri laws. Sovereign immunity shall not be an affirmative defense under this act.

Any public officer or state or local employee who tries to enforce the firearms law declared invalid by the act or any person who acts under the color of law to deprive a Missouri citizen of rights or privileges ensured by the federal and state constitutions shall be subject to a civil penalty of $50,000 per employee hired by the law enforcement agency. In such an action attorney's fees and costs may be awarded.

Additionally, a person shall have standing to pursue an action for injunctive relief in the circuit court of the county in which the action allegedly occurred or in the circuit court of Cole County. The court shall hold a hearing on the motion for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction within 30 days of service of the petition.

It shall not be a violation of this act to provide aid to federal officials who are in pursuit of a suspect when there is a demonstrable criminal nexus with another state or county and the suspect is not a citizen of this state or is not present in this state. It shall not be a violation of this act to aid a federal prosecution for felony crimes involving a weapons violation against a person or for felony crimes involving a weapons violation and a controlled substance violation if such violation is a Class A or B felony.

The provisions of this act shall be applicable to offenses occurring on or after August 28, 2021.

This act contains a severability clause and an emergency clause.

This act is identical to SS/SB 39 (2021) and similar to SB 588 (2020), SB 367 (2019), HB 786 (2019), HB 1760 (2018), and similar to provisions in HB 1439 (2014).