Bills assigned to Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment


SB 44 - White - Establishes provisions related to water and sewer infrastructure
SB 70 - Gannon - Modifies provisions relating to certain utility districts
SB 92 - Riddle - Modifies provisions relating to the assessment of certain public utility property
SB 108 - Cierpiot - Creates provisions relating to telecommunications
SB 141 - Bean - Requires the Public Service Commission to create a renewable natural gas program
SB 163 - Cierpiot - Modifies provisions relating to communications services offered in political subdivisions
SB 172 - White - Modifies the civil penalty for violating federally mandated natural gas safety standards
SB 178 - Brown - Modifies provisions relating to net metering
SB 184 - Bean - Allows electrical corporations to operate and use broadband infrastructure
SB 185 - Bean - Establishes provisions relating to certain trespass and inverse condemnation actions against public utilities
SB 202 - Cierpiot - Creates provisions allowing electrical corporations to issue bonds to finance energy transition costs
SB 208 - Burlison - Modifies provisions relating to the management of hazardous waste
SB 214 - Hough - States that certain records of municipally owned utilities may be closed under the Sunshine Law
SB 230 - Burlison - Prohibits political subdivisions from prohibiting the connection or reconnection of a utility service based upon the type or source of energy
SB 246 - Onder - Provides a sales tax exemption for the production of electricity
SB 249 - Burlison - Specifies that restrictive covenants shall not limit or prohibit the installation of rooftop solar panels or solar collectors
SB 280 - Cierpiot - Modifies the assessment rate against public utilities
SB 302 - Gannon - Creates provisions relating to mining royalties on federal land
SB 334 - Bernskoetter - Modifies provisions relating to service territories of retail electric service providers
SB 335 - Brattin - Creates provisions relating to wholesale electric energy
SB 336 - Brattin - Requires internet service providers to authenticate access to obscene websites and provide subscribers the ability to create an authentication to access such websites
SB 379 - O'Laughlin - Modifies provisions relating to the taxation of property associated with the production of energy
SB 406 - Cierpiot - Creates provisions relating to customer class rates of electrical corporations
SB 413 - Moon - Requires the Public Service Commission to consider multiple applications for area certificates of convenience and necessity from electrical corporations that want to provide electric service within the same geographical area
SB 480 - White - Modifies provisions relating to manufactured housing
SB 508 - Bean - Modifies provisions relating to the construction of electric transmission lines
SB 546 - Crawford - Modifies provisions relating to underground petroleum storage tanks
SB 558 - Brattin - Modifies provisions relating to common sewer districts
SB 559 - Schatz - Modifies provisions relating to the public right-of-way
SB 570 - Hough - Allows certain entities to form a broadband infrastructure improvement district for the delivery of broadband internet service
SB 573 - Schatz - Creates the Underground Damage Prevention Review Board
SB 611 - May - Modifies provisions relating to the regulation of internet protocol-enabled services
HB 488 - Hicks - Creates provisions relating to utilities
HB 527 - Haffner - Modifies provisions relating to the construction of electric transmission lines and the use of eminent domain for utility purposes
HB 767 - Roden - Prohibits certain charges to customers by public water supply districts and metropolitan water supply districts