SB 536
Modifies provisions relating to unaccompanied youth
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3/31/2021 - SCS Voted Do Pass S Seniors, Families, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee (2641S.02C)
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August 28, 2021

Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 536 - Under this act, for the purposes of providing or accessing supportive services or verifying the status of a youth as unaccompanied or homeless, the fact that a child is an unaccompanied youth, as defined in federal law, shall not be, in and of itself, a sufficient basis for reporting child abuse or neglect, unless the child is under 16 years of age or is incapacitated.

Additionally, an unaccompanied youth may access supportive services, as defined in the act, so long as the youth is verified as an unaccompanied youth. Acceptable documentation for verification shall include: (1) a statement signed by a director or designee of a government or nonprofit agency that receives public or private funding to provide services to homeless people; (2) a statement signed by a local educational agency liaison for homeless children and youth or a school social worker or counselor; or (3) a statement signed by an attorney representing the youth in any legal matter.

A person who acts in good faith to accept a statement from a director or designee of a government or nonprofit agency and who is without actual knowledge that such statement is fraudulent or otherwise invalid, shall not be liable in any civil or criminal action for providing shelter or supportive services without having obtained permission from the minor's parent or guardian. The service provider shall not be relieved from liability for negligence or criminal acts on the basis of this act.

This act is substantially similar to a provision in the truly agreed to and finally passed HB 432 (2021).



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