SB 133
Requires DESE to annually publish on their website a list of schools performing in the bottom 5% of schools for more than three years
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3/2/2021 - Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
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August 28, 2021

Current Bill Summary

SB 133 - Under this act, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shall, by November 1 of each year, publish on the Department's website a list of schools in the state that have been performing within the bottom 5% of schools for more than three years, and shall designate any such school as a "persistently failing school".

Any school district with more than two schools falling into the bottom 5% of schools for more than two years shall be classified as provisionally accredited by the State Board of Education.

School districts with any school falling in the bottom 5% of schools for three years over a five year period beginning in 2018, shall:

· Close the school and transfer students attending such school to a higher performing school in the district;

· Develop a partnership with a nonprofit school operator to create an in-district charter school; or

· Reimburse any district or charter school, that will allow students to transfer, an amount equal to the average per-pupil expenditure for the district.

Any school district that has more than 20% of students attending persistently failing schools shall work with an external partner to develop a district plan to reduce the number of students in such schools by 5% each year, and shall establish a charter authorizing office, or partner with an eligible public four-year college or university to review any charter petitions for the district, approve such charter petitions, and submit such petitions to the Board of Education for a vote.

This act is substantially similar to SB 1021 (2020).



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