SB 470 - This act provides that no city, county, town, village, or political subdivision may adopt or enforce an ordinance, order, or regulation that requires a permit for the installation or use of a battery-charged fence in addition to an alarm system permit issued by such city, county, town, village, or political subdivision. Additionally, such political subdivisions shall not adopt an ordinance or order that imposes installation requirements for such fences or alarm systems or prohibit the use of a battery-charged fence.

As used in this act, a battery-charged fence is a fence that interfaces with an alarm system in a manner that enables the fence to cause the connected alarm system to transmit a signal to summon law enforcement in response to a burglary. Such fence must be located on a property not designated for residential use, produce not more than 12 volts of direct current, as well as meet other specifications as provided in the act.

This provision is substantially similar to a provision in the truly agreed to and finally passed CCS#2/HCS/SS/SB 26 (2021).


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