SB 128 - This act modifies provisions relating to the inmate canteen fund.

INMATE CANTEEN FUND (Section 217.195)

Under current law, the chief administrative officer of a correctional center may operate a canteen or commissary for the use and benefit of the offenders with the approval of the Division Director. Each correctional center keeps revenues received from the canteen or commissary to purchase the goods sold and other operating expenses.

Under this act, the Director of the Department of Corrections must approve the creation and operation of any canteen or commissary. This act also creates the "Inmate Canteen Fund" in the state treasury which shall consist of funds received from the inmate canteens. Any proceeds generated from this fund shall be expended solely for the purpose of improving inmate recreational, religious, educational, and reentry services.

This act repeals the current "Inmate Canteen Fund", which receives the remaining funds from sales of the canteen or commissary.

This provision is identical to provisions in the truly agreed to and finally passed HCS/SS/SCS/SBs 53 & 60 (2021), SS/SB 212 (212), SCS/HB 352 (2021), SCS/HCS/HB 1204 (2021), and to SB 864 (2020) and SB 434 (2019) and similar to HCS/HB 303 (2019).


The Director of Corrections and any sheriff or jailer who holds a person in custody shall ensure that an appropriate quantity of feminine hygiene products are available at no cost to female offenders while confined in any correctional center or jail. The General Assembly may appropriate funds to assist with the funding of this requirement.

This provision identical to to provisions in the truly agreed to and finally passed HCS/SS/SCS/SBs 53 & 60 (2021), SS/SB 212 (212), and to HB 318 (2021).


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