SB 38 - This act creates a definition for electric bicycles of three classifications, and excludes electric bicycles from definitions for other types of vehicles.

The act exempts electric bicycles from certain vehicle lighting requirements (section 307.025), and provides that operators of electric bicycles and shall have the same rights, duties, and responsibilities as operators of other vehicles (section 307.188).

Electric bicycles operated by a person under the age of 17 may be impounded in the same manner as bicycles and motorized bicycles, or for violations of local laws promulgated in accordance with the act. (Section 307.193).

Except as otherwise specifically provided by law, electric bicycles shall not be subject to provisions applicable to motor vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, or utility vehicles, including with regard to vehicle registration, certificates of ownership, driver's licenses, the Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law, vehicle rentals, or vehicle dealers or franchises, and electric bicycles shall be subject to state and local laws applicable to conventional bicycles. (Section 307.194.1).

On and after August 28, 2021, manufacturers or distributors of electric bicycles shall apply to each electric bicycle a label that is permanently affixed in a prominent location, and that bears certain vehicle information as specified in the act. (Section 307.194.2). No person shall modify an electric bicycles' capabilities unless the required label is replaced accordingly. (Section 307.194.3).

Electric bicycles shall comply with equipment and manufacturing requirements under the federal law applicable to bicycles (section 307.194.4), and shall operate in a manner such that the electric motor does not function when the rider stops pedaling or applies the brakes (section 307.194.5).

Electric bicycles may be operated in any place where bicycles are permitted to travel, provided that political subdivisions may regulate the operation of electric bicycles as provided in the act, and that these provisions shall not apply to a natural surface trail or other path designated as nonmotorized. (Section 307.194.6).

The operation of a class 3 electric bicycle, as defined in the act, shall be limited to persons at least 16 years of age. Persons under the age of 16 may ride as a passenger, provided the electric bicycle is designed to accommodate passengers. Operators and passengers on class 3 electric bicycles under the age of 18 shall wear a helmet meeting standards specified in the act, and all class 3 electric bicycles shall be equipped with a speedometer. (Section 307.194.7).

The act also exempts electric bicycles from the prohibition against licensed vehicle dealers, distributors, and manufacturers operating a place of business for the sale or exchange of vehicles on Sunday. (Section 378.120.1(3)).


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