SB 606 - Current law provides for a moratorium on outdoor advertising permits along a stretch of road, from the date the Highways and Transportation Commission approves funding for any phase of construction or reconstruction of that stretch of road until completion of the work. During the moratorium, the rules for outdoor advertising in effect on August 27, 1999 are reinstated for that section of road.

This act provides that the moratorium shall only be put into effect if the Commission approves "more than five thousand dollars" in funding for "right-of-way acquisition" as a result of the project.

Under the act, the Commission may consider the actual cost of relocating a sign when determining whether to enter an agreement with the sign's owner to relocate it.

Lastly, this act provides that the moratorium on permits for new sign structures shall end upon the Commission's acceptance of bids for the project; unless the project is a design-build project, in which case the moratorium shall end upon completion of construction.


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