SB 445 - Under this act, a local health department, or a community-based organization with the approval of the Department of Health and Senior Services, may establish a safe consumption facility program. A program shall: (1) provide a location supervised by health care professionals or other trained staff where drug users can self-administer pre-obtained drugs; (2) provide sterile injection supplies and disposal services; (3) answer questions about safe injection practices; (4) administer first aid and monitor participants; (5) provide referrals to substance use disorder counseling and treatment services, testing for certain diseases, wound care, and reproductive health education and services; (6) educate participants on the risks of contracting HIV and viral hepatitis; (7) provide overdose prevention education and access to referrals to obtain naloxone; (8) educate participants regarding proper disposal of hypodermic needles and syringes; and (9) provide other program security, data collection, and training services.

A safe consumption facility program may, with the consent of the individual, bill the individual's insurance carrier for the cost of covered services provided by the program.

A safe consumption facility program shall also collect specified data and submit an annual report to the Department and the General Assembly regarding the collected data. The program administrator shall develop and implement a plan for evaluation of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the program.

No property owner of the program site location, program staff member, or individual utilizing the program shall be subject to civil or criminal liability for involvement in or use of the program's services authorized under this act.

This act is identical to SB 989 (2020) and substantially similar to HB 2367 (2018).


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