HB 338 Modifies provisions relating to land surveys

Current Bill Summary

- Prepared by Senate Research -

HB 338 - This act changes the definitions of "corners of the United States public land survey", "obliterated, decayed or destroyed corner", and "double proportionate measurement" as provided in the act.

Additionally, this act modifies the rules for the reestablishment of lost corners. Lost corners on township exteriors, excluding corners common to four townships, will be reestablished by single proportionate measurement on the line connecting the next nearest existent standard or closing corner on opposite sides of the lost corner.

Finally, this act provides that the quarter-section corners of sections south of the township line and east of the range line, and not established by the original government survey will be established according to the conditions represented upon the official government play using single proportionate measurement between the section corners belonging to the same section as the quarter-section corner being established, the section corners having first been identified or reestablished. The proportional position shall be offset, if necessary, in a cardinal direction to the true line defined by the nearest adjacent corners on opposite sides of the quarter-section corner to be established.


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