HB 160 Modifies the compensation of jurors for certain counties

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Current Bill Summary

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HCS/HB 160 - This act provides that a county commission, except in Greene County and Clay County, may adopt to provide that no grand or petit juror shall receive compensation for the first two days of service, unless the county commission authorizes compensation to such a juror for the first two days of service not to exceed ten dollars. For the third and any subsequent days, a juror shall receive fifty dollars for each day the juror actually serves as such and $0.07 for every mile necessarily traveled from his or her place of residence to the courthouse and returning. The compensation shall be paid from funds of the county.

This act is identical to a provision in HCS#2/SCS/SB 91 (2021) and HB 2426 (2020) and is substantially similar to SB 621 (2021).


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