HB 825 Enacts provisions relating to package delivery

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SCS/HCS/HB 825 - This act creates provisions relating to package delivery.


This act enacts provisions relating to personal delivery devices ("PDDs"), as defined in the act.

PDDs may operate on sidewalks and crosswalks, and may operate on county or municipal roadways provided they do not unreasonably interfere with motor vehicles or traffic. (Section 304.900.2).

PDDs shall not block public rights of way, shall obey traffic and pedestrian control signals, shall not exceed 10 miles per hour on a sidewalk, shall display a unique identification number, shall include a means of identifying the operator of the device, and shall be equipped with a system allowing the device to come to a controlled stop. (Section 304.900.3).

PDDs operating on sidewalks shall have the same responsibilities as pedestrians. (Section 304.900.4). PDDs shall be exempt from motor vehicle registration requirements (Section 304.900.5), and shall maintain a general liability insurance policy of at least $100,000 (Section 304.900.6). PDDs operated at night shall be equipped with lighting as provided in the act. (Section 304.900.7). PDDs shall not be used to transport hazardous materials regulated by federal law as specified in the act. (Section 304.900.8).

Nothing in this act shall prohibit a political subdivision from regulating the operation of PDDs on highways or pedestrian areas to insure the welfare and safety of its residents. However, political subdivisions shall not regulate the design, manufacture and maintenance of PDDs or the types of property they may transport. No political subdivision shall treat PDDs differently than other similar personal property for assessment or taxation purposes, or for other charges. (Section 304.900.9).

The act prohibits PDD operators from selling or disclosing a personally identifiable likeness, as described in the act, to a third party in exchange for monetary compensation. Use of personally identifiable likenesses by PDD operators to improve their products or services is specifically allowed under the act, and information that would otherwise be protected under the act shall only be provided to a law enforcement entity by subpoena. (Section 304.900.10).

This act is identical to SS/SB 176 (2021) and HCS/HB 592 (2021) and similar to HCS/HB 2290 (2020).

OFFENSE OF MAIL THEFT (Section 570.212)

A person commits the offense of mail theft if the person purposefully appropriates mail from another person's mailbox or premises without consent of the addressee and with intent to deprive such addressee of the mail.

The offense of mail theft is a Class A misdemeanor for a first offense and a Class E felony for any second or subsequent offense.


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