HB 678 Modifies provisions relating to physical control over courthouses and increases the number of circuit court judges in the 11th Judicial Circuit

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Current Bill Summary

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HB 678 - This provisions relating to courts, including the authority over courthouses and judges of the circuit court.

Currently, the county commission in counties of the first, second, or fourth classification may by order or ordinance promulgate reasonable regulations concerning the use of county property, the hours, conditions, methods, and manner of such use and the regulation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and parking. This act provides that the county commission in all noncharter counties may promulgate such orders or ordinances.

In absence of any local agreement, any courthouse that contains both county offices and court facilities, the presiding judge of the circuit may establish rules and procedures for court facilities and areas necessary for court-related usage. The county commission shall have authority over all other areas of the courthouse.

There are currently six circuit judges of the 11th Judicial Circuit. This act increases the number of circuit judges to seven beginning on January 1, 2023.

This act contains provisions similar to provisions in SB 526 (2021).


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