HB 784 Establishes the Capitol Police Board and authorizes the employment of marshals by both bodies of the General Assembly

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HCS/HB 784 - This act establishes the Capitol Police Board composed of the Governor, Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the minority floor leaders of the House and Senate, the Chief Justice of the Missouri Supreme Court, or their designees, and the chair of the State Capitol Commission. The Lieutenant Governor, the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives, and the Secretary of the Senate, or their designees, shall serve as ex officio members of the Board. The Board shall be assigned to the House of Representatives only for budgeting and reporting.

The Board shall provide for public safety at the seat of government and for the safety and security of elected public officials, government employees, and their guests. The Board shall hire police officers and a chief of police who shall serve subject to the supervision and at the pleasure of the Board. The Board shall make all necessary rules and regulations regarding traffic and parking regulations and the Circuit Court of Cole County has the authority to enforce such regulations.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate may separately appoint marshals to aid their respective sergeant-at-arms in overseeing the physical security of the areas within the capitol that are under their respective control. Such marshals may carry firearms when necessary for the discharge of their duties and shall have all powers granted to law enforcement officers in this state to apprehend and arrest persons and that are necessary to ensure the proper security and functioning of the respective bodies. Any person appointed as a marshal shall have at least five years of experience as a law enforcement officer and shall possess and maintain a valid peace officer license during his or her employment. A marshal or sergeant-at-arms may serve process, wear a concealable firearm, and make arrests, as directed by the Speaker or President Pro Tempore.

This act is similar to HCS/HB 1521 (2020).


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