SB 565
Modifies provisions relating to the transfer of students within districts and between districts
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3/4/2021 - Second Read and Referred S Education Committee
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August 28, 2021

Current Bill Summary

SB 565 - Under this act, school districts may enter into agreements providing for students residing in one school district to attend a school maintained by the other school district. School districts may also agree to combine enrollment for one or more grades or courses. Such agreements shall be for a term not exceeding five years, are subject to change or termination by the General Assembly or the participating districts, and must provide for the transportation of students to and from school, the payment or sharing of costs and expenses of student attendance, and the authority and responsibility of participating boards of education.

A school district that enters into an agreement for the attendance of its students at school in another school district may discontinue the grades or courses specified in the agreement, and close any school building used for attendance by students enrolled in such discontinued grades or courses.

Students attending school in districts in which they do not reside pursuant to an agreement entered into under this act shall be counted as resident students of the school district of attendance for purposes of state aid.

School districts with multiple attendance centers containing the same grade levels shall allow students in the district to transfer to other schools within the district, except that districts may deny a transfer if it would violate class-size or student-teacher ratio policies adopted by the district.

The act repeals the "Elementary and Secondary School District Enrollment Option Act," which establishes a pilot program for enrollment option plans for school districts to enroll nonresident students.

This act is identical to HB 2084 (2020), HB 425 (2019), and HB 2252 (2018).



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