SB 300
Adopts the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
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3/29/2021 - Hearing Conducted S Professional Registration Committee
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August 28, 2021

Current Bill Summary

SB 300 - This act adopts the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.

The Compact allows a physician who meets certain eligibility requirements to receive an expedited license to practice in all states that are members of the Compact.

The Compact requires physicians to designate a member state as the state of principal license based on criteria described in the Compact.

The Compact includes application procedures for the expedited license. Under these procedures, the Missouri Board for Registration of the Healing Arts and similar boards in other states shall verify or deny each applicant's eligibility to the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission established under the Compact. Such member boards shall conduct criminal background checks as part of verifying eligibility. Each state shall have authority over appeals of their respective eligibility determinations, and an expedited license shall be valid under the terms and for such a period as a normal license in the state.

A physician may renew his or her expedited license through procedures described in the Compact.

The Compact establishes a confidential database of all physicians who have been granted an expedited license or who have applied for an expedited license, for the purpose of allowing member states to report disciplinary or investigatory information.

Member states may participate in joint investigations of physicians with other member states, and any disciplinary action taken by one member state may subject the physician to discipline with other member states. If a physician's license is revoked, surrendered, or relinquished in one state, it shall automatically be placed on the same status in the other member states.

The Compact establishes the "Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission" to act as a corporate and joint agency of the member states and to oversee and maintain administration of the Compact. The Compact describes the organization, powers, and duties of the Interstate Commission, including the power to collect annual assessments from member states.

The Compact outlines procedures for enforcement of the Compact, for addressing default by a member state, and for resolving disputes between member states.

The Compact will only be effective once seven states have adopted the Compact.

The Compact outlines the procedure to withdraw from the Compact. Should the withdrawal or default of member states reduce the membership of the Compact to one, the Compact shall dissolve.

The Compact supersedes all other laws that conflict with provisions of the Compact.

This act is identical to HB 516 (2021) and HB 2256 (2020).



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