SB 8
Modifies licensing requirements for certain health care providers
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2/1/2021 - Hearing Conducted S Professional Registration Committee
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Effective Date:
August 28, 2021

Current Bill Summary

SB 8 - Under this act, any advertisement for the services of a health care practitioner shall use certain titles set forth in the act. Any such advertisement shall also include the practitioner's full name and title, and shall not include any fraudulent misrepresentation.

If such advertisement refers to a health care practitioner as "board certified", the advertisement shall include the entire name of the board that issued the certification. It shall be considered fraudulent misrepresentation for any health care practitioner to advertise himself or herself as "board certified" when the practitioner is not currently board certified. (Section 324.044)

This act prohibits any person not now a registered physician within the meaning of the law to use or imply the use of certain words or terms set forth in the act.

This act defines the term "surgery", and provides that nothing in the act shall be construed to prohibit a health care practitioner from practicing his or her profession within the scope of the practitioner' license or certificate. (Section 334.010)

Under this act, any person who holds a license or recognition to practice advanced practice nursing in this state may only use the title "advanced practice registered nurse", and the abbreviation "APRN, and any title designations set forth in the act, including certified advanced practice registered nurse, advance practice nurse, nurse anesthetist, certified registered nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife, certified nurse midwife, nurse practitioner, certified nurse practitioner, certified nurse specialist, doctor of nursing practice, or certified clinical nurse specialist. (Section 335.076)

This act is identical to SB 337 (2021) and provisions in HB 879 (2021) and is similar to SB 942 (2020).



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