SB 163
Modifies provisions relating to communications services offered in political subdivisions
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5/13/2021 - Informal Calendar S Bills for Perfection
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August 28, 2021

Current Bill Summary

SB 163 - This act modifies provisions relating to communications services offered in political subdivisions.

The act modifies the definition of "gross revenues" for provisions of law relating to video service providers.

Under the act, a franchise entity may collect a video service provider fee equal to not more than 5% of the gross revenues of a video service provider providing service in the geographic area of such franchise entity. The fee shall be phased out as follows:

• Beginning August 28, 2023, 4.5% of gross revenues;

• Beginning August 28, 2024, 4% of gross revenues;

• Beginning August 28, 2025, 3.5% of gross revenues;

• Beginning August 28, 2026, 3% of gross revenues; and

• Beginning August 28, 2027, and continuing thereafter, 2.5% of gross revenues.

Currently, video service providers may identify and collect the amount of the video service provider fee as a separate line item on subscriber bills. Under this act, the fee shall be identified and collected as a separate line item.

The act also creates the Task Force on the Future of Right-of-Way Management and Taxation consisting of 16 members as set forth in the act. The purpose of the Task Force is to study best methods for right-of-way management, taxation of video services, and the future revenue needs of municipalities and political subdivisions as such revenue relates to video services.

The Task Force shall compile a report of its activities for submission to the General Assembly. The report shall be submitted no later than December 31, 2023, and shall include any recommendations which the Task Force may have for legislative action. The Task Force shall expire on December 31, 2023.

This act is identical to provisions contained in the truly agreed CCS/HCS/SS/SCS/SBs 153 & 97 (2021), SCS/HB 554 (2021) and similar to HB 386 (2021), HCS/HB 555 (2021), SCS/SB 526 (2020), and HB 2091 (2020).



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