SB 272 Prohibits the publishing of identifying information of lottery winners
12/4/2020 Prefiled
1/6/2021 S First Read S47
2/4/2021 Second Read and Referred S General Laws Committee S225
3/9/2021 Hearing Cancelled S General Laws Committee
3/23/2021 Hearing Conducted S General Laws Committee
3/30/2021 SCS Voted Do Pass S General Laws Committee (0589S.04C)
4/1/2021 Reported from S General Laws Committee w/SCS S634-635
4/15/2021 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S774
4/20/2021 SCS S adopted S817
4/20/2021 Perfected S817
4/20/2021 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee S824
4/20/2021 Referred S Governmental Accountability & Fiscal Oversight Committee S825
4/22/2021 Voted Do Pass S Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committee
4/27/2021 Reported from S Governmental Oversight and Fiscal Oversight Committee S924
4/27/2021 S Third Read and Passed S985
4/28/2021 H First Read H1964
4/29/2021 H Second Read H2018
4/29/2021 Referred H Emerging Issues H2041
5/3/2021 Hearing Conducted H Emerging Issues
5/4/2021 Voted Do Pass H Emerging Issues
5/4/2021 Reported Do Pass H Emerging Issues H2270
5/4/2021 Referred H Rules - Administrative Oversight H2270
5/5/2021 Executive Session Scheduled - Action postponed
5/6/2021 Voted Do Pass H Rules - Administrative Oversight
5/6/2021 Reported Do Pass H Rules - Administrative Oversight H2458
5/6/2021 Referred H Fiscal Review Committee H2467
5/10/2021 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar H2536
5/11/2021 Voted Do Pass H Fiscal Review
5/11/2021 Reported Do Pass H Fiscal Review H2654
5/12/2021 H Informal Calendar Senate Bills for Third Reading