SB 126 Modifies provisions relating to the sale of intoxicating liquor
12/1/2020 Prefiled
1/6/2021 S First Read S33
1/21/2021 Second Read and Referred S General Laws Committee S145
2/2/2021 Hearing Conducted S General Laws Committee
2/9/2021 SCS Voted Do Pass S General Laws Committee (0746S.03C)
3/4/2021 Reported from S General Laws Committee w/SCS S413
4/12/2021 SS for SCS S offered & adopted (Brown)--(0746S.05F) S723
4/12/2021 Perfected S723
4/13/2021 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee S737-738
4/15/2021 S Third Read and Passed S770-771
4/15/2021 H First Read H1678
4/19/2021 H Second Read H1689
4/21/2021 Referred H General Laws H1818
4/26/2021 Hearing Conducted H General Laws
5/4/2021 Voted Do Pass H General Laws
5/4/2021 Reported Do Pass H General Laws H2270
5/4/2021 Referred H Rules - Legislative Oversight H2270
5/7/2021 Executive Session Scheduled - Action postponed
5/10/2021 Executive Session Scheduled - Action postponed
5/12/2021 Voted Do Pass H Rules - Legislative Oversight
5/12/2021 Reported Do Pass H Rules - Legislative Oversight H2888-2889
5/13/2021 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar H2912
5/14/2021 H Third Read and Passed H3067-3068 / S2069
5/14/2021 Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed S2069
5/25/2021 Reported Duly Enrolled Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions & Ethics Committee S2073
5/25/2021 Signed by Senate President Pro Tem S2073
5/25/2021 Signed by House Speaker H3126
5/25/2021 Delivered to Governor S2080
7/7/2021 Signed by Governor S2090-2091