The Missouri Senate Minute for Jan. 28: Charter Schools

Education is on the minds of Missouri senators. Tuesday morning sees the Missouri Senate Government Reform Committee hear two measures relating to charter schools. Senator Ed Emery of Lamar sponsors Senate Bill 525, legislation that seeks to open recovery charter high schools in Kansas City for students in recovery from substance use disorder or dependency…

“It’s a response, in large measure, to the opioid problems that we’re seeing across the country — and certainly — in our state as well,” Sen. Emery said.

During discussion of Senate Bill 603, a measure that would modify provisions relating to charter schools, Sen. Karla May of St. Louis points out differences between public and charter schools…

“The St. Louis Public Schools were allowed to deteriorate,” Sen. May said. “So, you have this system that was created by mismanagement of the state.”

The committee has not yet acted on either of these proposals.