Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer Proposes Law to Limit Rulemaking

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer, R-Parkville, has pre-filed legislation to limit the number of administrative rules in Missouri. Senate Bill 180 would require any state agency adopting or amending a rule to first rescind an existing rule deemed to be unnecessary, obsolete or burdensome.

As laws are passed by the Legislature, state agencies promulgate rules clarifying how the laws should be followed. These rules are compiled in Missouri’s Code of State Regulations. As of November 2020, there were 5,845 administrative rules Missouri agencies and citizens must follow.

“The inevitable result of so many rules on the books is confusion and bureaucratic red tape that can impede innovation and entrepreneurship,” Sen. Luetkemeyer said. “By requiring new rules to be offset by the elimination of outdated rules, this legislation will create a more favorable environment for small businesses and help reopen the economy.”

Senator Luetkemeyer’s legislation also imposes a five-year expiration on any rule in effect on or after January 2022. Agencies would be required to review all active rules to determine whether they are still needed.

Senate Bill 180 will be considered during the First Regular Session of the 101st General Assembly, which begins on Jan. 6. Pre-filing of bills for the upcoming session officially began on Dec. 1.

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