Sen. Mike Bernskoetter’s Legislative Column for Dec. 16, 2020

Merry Christmas

Twelve months ago, I wrote a short column about Christmas and the spirit of giving in a troublesome year. It seems that message is as relevant as ever.

In 2019, our community faced damaging floods as well as a tornado that hit hard and fast, destroying homes, displacing families and damaging businesses. It was a tough year, but despite the challenges, we made it through. We came together and helped one another. I’m certain the same will be said of this year as well.

2020 hasn’t been the year any of us hoped for, but I believe we’ll get through it. In times like these, people are still managing to come together, even if they’re physically apart, to help one another. That’s the spirit of the holiday season. To give and to help those in need. And there are plenty of folks in need right about now.

So, if you can, I encourage you to spare some extra change for the kettle ringers and others and give to those in need this year. Be a little more generous with your time when that friend or parent calls or Zooms in. Do what you can to help your friends and neighbors, safely of course. Try to be a light of hope in these troubled times. Just as importantly, remember to practice generosity in the new year as well. Because, while I’m optimistic about the future, I’m sure there will still be people in need once this pandemic is over. And when that time comes, we’ll need to come together and continue to support one another. After all, that’s what a community is for.

I wish each of you and your family a safe and merry Christmas. May the coming year be better than the last.

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