Sen. Crawford’s Capitol Report for the Week of May 18, 2020


We reached the end of a historic and unforgettable legislative session last Friday. Despite the effects of the coronavirus on the 2020 legislative session, I am proud of the work the General Assembly accomplished during the past five months.

In my opinion, there were several legislative victories this year, including my Senate Bill 653. Most of this language is also in House Bill 1414. This legislation makes changes to many of the rules relating to foster parents. A lot of great people have worked very hard to see this measure come to fruition. In my opinion, foster parents, children and families go through so much. Unfortunately, I believe most of their woes revolve around unnecessary red tape and regulation. My proposal cuts some of this tape and works to get these families the help they need in order to expedite the foster process and take care of some of our most vulnerable.

In addition, I am proud to report that House Bill 1655 reached the legislative finish line and is headed to the governor’s desk for his consideration. This legislation includes my Senate Bill 578. This legislation sets up the framework to allow remote online notary. Remote online notarization can be done using technology, rather than an in-person meeting. I spent many hours with stakeholders and the secretary of state’s office to craft this legislation.

After working with the county treasurers around the state for three years, we were finally able to pass Senate Bill 576 as part of House Bill 1854. This bill brings more transparency to local government and allows our county treasurers access to information they need.

Other successful measures that passed and included bills I filed:

I also want to take the opportunity to say “thank you” to my incredible staff. I truly could not have done it without them.

In September, we will return to Jefferson City for the annual veto session. Until then, I look forward to spending more time in the district this summer.

I am honored to serve as your senator in the Missouri Senate. If, at any time, you have questions, concerns or ideas regarding state government, please feel free to contact me at (573) 751-8793 or

Missouri Senate District 28 Staff:
Caleb Ball, Sen. Crawford, Barbara Mustoe and Pam Bowman