Sen. Caleb Rowden’s COVID-19 Updates for Mid-Missouri

Senator Caleb Rowden’s COVID-19 Updates for Mid-Missouri

I wanted to share a few things my office is currently working on regarding COVID-19 in mid-Missouri:

1 — We are compiling a database of health care facilities where private tests can be accessed. The state’s test is partly governed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), whose guidelines do not allow for local health care providers to use any discretion on who should receive the test. While I believe some states have basically ignored CDC guidelines and allowed health care experts to do their jobs, Missouri hasn’t done so yet. Private testing will be important over the next few weeks, and we will do everything we can to make sure mid-Missourians know where they can go to be tested.

2 — I am asking Missouri to apply for the Medicaid waiver that Florida received from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) within the U.S. Department of Health and Senior Services. This Medicaid waiver will waive specific Medicaid requirements to accelerate access to critical services. For more information about this waiver, please visit CMS’ website.

3 — I have been in contact with the Department of Economic Development regarding our state’s small businesses. They are compiling a list of businesses sufficiently impacted by COVID-19 realities. Once that list is compiled to meet federal guidelines, they will submit it to the federal Small Business Association (SBA) which will allow Missouri to be eligible for SBA loans, grants, etc. Once we are eligible, the department will market the availability of the program for small businesses throughout each county in the state. While they are not entirely sure of the timeline as of yet, they are pushing hard and are hopeful Missouri’s program will be online shortly.

4 — I am talking with the governor’s office and the Department of Revenue to determine viable options for extending the tax deadline in the state and other ways to relieve the short-term burden on Missouri’s small businesses and families.

I am here to serve you, and my office door is always open to your questions, concerns and suggestions. You can reach my staff at 573-751-3931, and you can visit for an array of legislative and constituent resources.