Sen. Brian Williams Urges Governor to Allocate $4 Million of Federal Funds Toward Gun Violence Prevention

JEFFERSON CITY – State Sen. Brian Williams, D-University City, is urging the governor to allocate $4 million of federal funds to help victims of gun violence throughout the state.

Each year, states receive federal funding through the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) for various state and local victim assistance programs to help survivors of violence heal and recover from their experiences. For fiscal years 2020 and 2021, Missouri received approximately $40 million per year for victim services organizations. Senator Williams is asking the governor to direct 10 percent of these funds toward local organizations who help victims of gun violence.

“Few organizations that serve victims of gun violence receive VOCA funding,” Sen. Williams said. “If we are going to effectively tackle violent crime in our state, I believe we must also do everything we can to stop the senseless acts of gun violence occurring throughout Missouri. As a result, I am urging the governor to use 10 percent of the state’s VOCA funds to support programs and organizations that assist victims of gun violence. Through this funding, I believe we can make a real impact on the communities that are suffering from these horrific acts of violence.”

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