Sen. Brian Williams Opposes Video Service Provider Fee Legislation

JEFFERSON CITY – State Sen. Brian Williams, D-University City, would like to announce his opposition to House Bill 1700, which includes language concerning video service provider fees.  This legislation reduces the video service provider fee to equal not more than 5 percent of the first $20 of gross revenues, instead of not more than 5 percent for all gross revenues, as it is currently written in state law. Senator Williams first opposed this legislation when the Senate version of the legislation, Senate Bill 526, was heard by the Senate Commerce, Consumer Protection, Energy and the Environment Committee.

“I have heard from the leaders of several municipalities in my district about the significant loss of revenue that will result from this legislation,” Sen. Williams said. “Essentially, cable companies pay local municipalities for their use of infrastructure within their community, and this fee decrease will cause an immense loss of revenue for local governments in my district. The leaders of my communities have spoken, and I am proud to vote no on HB 1700.”

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