Sen. Brian Williams Chosen as Assistant Minority Floor Leader

JEFFERSON CITY – State Sen. Brian Williams, D-University City, was chosen by his fellow colleagues in the Senate’s Minority Caucus to serve as the assistant minority floor leader for the 101th General Assembly.

Senator Williams was first elected to the Missouri Senate in 2018 and was the only Black male senator in the 100th General Assembly. He will become the first Black male in two decades to hold a leadership role in the Senate.

“I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity,” Sen. Williams said. “I want to thank my colleagues for their kindness, support and faith in me to help lead our caucus. I am also immensely proud to be the first Black male in two decades to serve in a leadership role in the Senate,” said Sen. Williams. “Representation matters, and I am continuously thankful for the support of my community and their trust in me to serve as their voice in the Senate. I look forward to the upcoming legislative session and the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues as we work to move our state forward.”

The 2021 legislative session will begin in early January.

For more information on Sen. Williams, please visit his official Missouri Senate webpage at