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Bills Sponsored by Senator Hough

SB 594 - Establishes the Targeted Industrial Manufacturing Enhancement Zones Act
SB 595 - Modifies provisions relating to personal care assistance services
SB 596 - Modifies provisions relating to the lease or sale of state property to third parties
SB 669 - Increases the maximum duration of credit transaction that is subject to regulation under the statutes governing credit insurance
SB 670 - Modifies provisions relating to professional registration
SB 671 - Creates new provisions relating to legal claims based on prior toxic exposure to certain substances
SB 720 - Creates and amends various provisions regulating limited liability companies and partnerships
SB 721 - Modifies requirements for guaranteed energy cost savings contracts
SB 722 - Repeals provisions authorizing regional economic development districts
SB 751 - Prohibits any rule or regulation from requiring authorized common carriers to provide restroom facilities unless the length of the trip exceeds the length of the school district's longest bus route
SB 770 - Authorizes the City of Springfield to impose a transient guest tax
SB 780 - Modifies provisions relating to transportation
SB 795 - Modifies provisions regarding the duties and functions of the Joint Committee on Legislative Research
SRB 796 - Repeals expired, ineffective, and obsolete statutory provisions
SB 821 - Modifies the offense of tampering with a judicial officer to include the Attorney General or his or her appointee
SB 828 - States that certain records of municipally owned utilities may be closed under the Sunshine Law
SB 829 - Modifies provisions relating to tobacco products
SB 869 - Authorizes certain fire protection districts and ambulance districts to propose a 1.0% sales tax
SB 870 - Enacts provisions relating to health care provider participation in health benefit plans
SB 908 - Modifies the compensation of court reporters
SB 1059 - Modifies provisions relating to feral swine
SB 1060 - Modifies provisions relating to the taxation of solar energy property
SB 1072 - Modifies provisions governing workers' compensation
SB 1073 - Modifies provisions regarding hospital patients in the custody of law enforcement
SCR 36 - Designates every November as National American History and Founders Month
HB 1296 - Prohibits two-way telecommunications devices and their component parts in correctional centers and jails
HB 1700 - Modifies provisions relating to taxation

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