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Bills Sponsored by Senator Nasheed

SB 541 - Modifies the Supreme Court Rule regarding the timing of motions for new trials
SB 542 - Removes provisions prohibiting persons on probation or parole after conviction of a felony from voting
SB 543 - Creates new provisions relating to firearm restraining orders
SB 626 - Requires every school in the St. Louis City school district to use a response-to-intervention tiered approach to reading instruction for students struggling to read
SB 627 - Creates seven subdistricts within the St. Louis City school district
SB 814 - Modifies provisions relating to medication-assisted treatment
SB 871 - Modifies provisions relating to tax increment financing
SB 937 - Establishes the "Modernization Decency Act"
SB 980 - Provides that the Department of Corrections shall operate a "Prison-Based Education Initiativeā€
SB 1031 - Repeals provisions relating to the expungement of certain records
SB 1042 - Prohibits educational institutions from discriminating on the basis of race, including certain hair textures and styles
SB 1062 - Modifies provisions regarding the expungement of records
SJR 35 - Modifies the use of census data for the purposes of redistricting
SJR 61 - Modifies provisions governing the right of suffrage for former felons

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