SB 651
Modifies provisions relating to the sale of fetal tissue and establishes Missouri as a "sanctuary for life" state
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1/22/2020 - Second Read and Referred S Health and Pensions Committee
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August 28, 2020

Current Bill Summary

SB 651 - Under this act, any person who violates the prohibition on the sale of fetal organs or tissue resulting from an abortion shall be guilty of a Class E felony, as well as subject to suspension or revocation of his or her professional license.

Additionally, this act establishes Missouri's status as a "sanctuary for life" state. No woman shall be coerced or compelled by pressure or threat, physical or otherwise, to undergo an abortion in this state without her consent. No individual or entity shall transport or arrange to transport a woman across state lines for the purpose of obtaining an abortion without her consent. No law enforcement official or other government official shall aid or otherwise comply with a request from another individual or entity inside or outside of the state to coerce or compel a woman to have an abortion without her consent. No health care provider shall perform or induce or assist in the performing or inducing of an abortion without the woman's consent. No political subdivision shall enact, adopt, maintain, or enforce any order, ordinance, rule, regulation, policy, or other similar measure that has the purpose or effect of discriminating against a woman who chooses not to undergo an abortion.

The Department of Health and Senior Services shall develop a website containing specified information on Missouri's status as a "sanctuary for life" state and the protections and resources offered to promote such sanctuary state.

The Department of Transportation shall erect and maintain appropriate signage affirming the state's status as a "sanctuary for life" state. The Highways and Transportation Commission shall determine the number and placement, subject to appropriations, of the signs as described in the act.



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