Senate Committee Substitute

SCS/HCS/HB 2120 - This act modifies provisions relating to water safety and security.

WATER SAFETY AND SECURITY ACT (Sections 640.141-640.145):

This act requires community water systems, as such term is defined in the act, that use an internet-connected control system to create a plan that establishes policies and procedures for identifying and mitigating cyber risk. Such plans shall include information as set forth in the act. State parks, cities with more than 30,000 inhabitants, Jackson County, St. Louis County, and certain regulated water utilities are exempt from these provisions.

Additionally, the act requires community water systems to create a valve and hydrant inspection program as set forth in the act. State parks, certain cities and counties, and certain regulated water utilities are exempt from these provisions.

Upon request, community water systems shall submit a report to the Department of Natural Resources certifying compliance with all regulations regarding water sampling, testing, and reporting, hydrant and valve inspections, and cyber security plans and policies.

These provisions are similar to SCS/SB 66 (2019) and HB 801 (2019).

LEAD TESTING IN SCHOOLS (Section 701.200):

The act also permits, subject to appropriations, each school district to test a sample of a source of potable water in a public school building in that district serving students under first grade and constructed before 1996 for lead contamination as specified in the act. The water samples may be submitted to a Department of Health and Senior Services-approved laboratory and the results of such testing may be submitted to the Department. If any of the samples tested exceed 5 parts per billion, the school district shall notify the parents or guardians of enrolled students. If the samples tested are less than or equal to 5 parts per billion, the district may notify parents individually or on the school's website.

These provisions are identical to SB 885 (2020) and similar to SB 245 (2019) and SB 979 (2018).


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