SB 848 - Under this act, any physician, surgeon, nurse, or other health personnel shall be prohibited from administering puberty blockers, prescribing hormone therapy, performing a vaginoplasty, orchiectomy, metoidioplasty, phalloplasty, or hysterectomy, or performing other genital or hormonal interventions for the purpose of gender reassignment for a child under 18. Any person willfully and knowingly violating or assisting in the violation of this act shall be subject to having his or her professional license, application for a license, or authority to practice his or her profession rejected or revoked. Any parent, guardian, or other person in this state having charge, control, or custody of a child shall be reported to the Children's Division for child abuse and neglect in accordance with state law if he or she obtains such prohibited gender assignment treatment for the child.

This act is identical to HB 1721 (2020).


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