HB 1511
Modifies provisions relating to professional licensing reciprocity
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4/21/2020 - Signed by Governor
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HCS HBs 1511 & 1452
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August 28, 2020
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Current Bill Summary

HCS/HBs 1511 & 1452 - Current law allows any resident of Missouri who holds a valid current license issued by another jurisdiction to submit an application for a license in Missouri in the same occupation or profession for which such person holds the current license, along with proof of current licensure in the other jurisdiction, to the relevant oversight body in this state.

This act allows any person who is a resident of Missouri, a resident military spouse, or a nonresident military spouse to apply for a license in Missouri, provided such person also submits proof of current licensure in all other jurisdictions to the relevant oversight body in the state.

Current law requires the oversight body to waive any examination, educational, or experience requirements for licensure for the applicant within six months of receiving such application, if it determines that the licensing requirements in the jurisdiction that issued the applicant's license are substantially similar to or more stringent than Missouri's licensing requirements. Under this act, the oversight body shall waive such requirements within 30 days for a resident military spouse or a nonresident military spouse, and shall issue such applicant a license provided all other requirements of the act are met.

Current law further states that the law shall be interpreted so as to imply no conflict between it and any compact, or reciprocity agreement with other states in effect on August 28, 2018. Under this act, should any conflict arise between this act and the provisions of any compact or reciprocity agreement, the provisions of such compact or agreement shall prevail. If a conflict arises between the provisions of this act and any federal law or rule, the provisions of the federal law or rule shall prevail.

Resident military spouses and nonresident military spouses are eligible, under this act, to apply for a license with any board, department, agency, or office of a jurisdiction that issues licenses, including, but not limited to the boards set forth in the act.

This act repeals the provisions relating to the issuance of a temporary courtesy license to a nonresident spouse of an active duty member of the military.

This act is identical to SCS/SBs 673 &560 (2020), and is substantially similar to SCS/SB 476 (2019).



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