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Bills Sponsored by Senator Eigel

SB 50 - Modifies sales tax collection requirements for certain sellers and reduces the top income tax rate
SB 51 - Modifies provisions relating to charter schools
SB 52 - Modifies several provisions relating to taxation
SB 111 - Enacts provisions relating to traffic enforcement
SB 112 - Repeals the St. Louis and Kansas City earnings taxes
SB 113 - Modifies provisions relating to elections
SB 142 - Modifies provisions of the Senior Savings Protection Act
SB 158 - Requires the Department of Transportation to consider the complete life-cycle costs of work in determining the lowest bid amount submitted for a contract
SB 165 - Repeals the certificate of need law
SB 187 - Modifies provisions relating to gaming and reduces the top income tax rate
SB 188 - Establishes an endowment tax and reduces the top rate of income tax
SB 269 - Modifies provisions relating to low-income housing tax credits
SB 292 - Modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education
SB 300 - Modifies provisions relating to the refund of protested taxes
SB 301 - Requires not for profit entities and nonprofit corporations to make their financial statements available to the public if the entity enters into a contract or agreement with the state or any political subdivision
SB 312 - Establishes the mission of the Department of Health and Senior Services
SB 343 - Modifies provisions relating to fantasy sports
SB 344 - Establishes provisions for storage and transport of intoxicating liquor from a central warehouse to premises licensed to sell intoxicating liquors at retail
SB 359 - Repeals certain vehicle safety inspection requirements
SB 371 - Enacts provisions relating to transportation
SB 402 - Modifies filing deadlines for declarations of candidacy
SB 403 - Establishes the "Bridge and Road Authorization Trust Fund"
SCR 9 - Strongly urges the U.S. Congress to propose the State Powers Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
SCR 19 - Urges the Missouri Congressional delegation to oppose the Green New Deal
SJR 4 - Places a cap on annual appropriations and reduces income tax rates based on revenue growth
SJR 5 - Prohibits the levying and collecting of a tax on tangible personal property
SJR 6 - Prohibits implementation of any program providing a public benefit without an appropriation
SJR 12 - Modifies voter turnout thresholds for tax increase elections
SJR 23 - Modifies provisions regulating the legislature to limit the influence of partisan or other special interests
SJR 27 - Establishes the "Bridge and Road Authorization Trust Fund"
HB 637 - Modifies provisions relating to fantasy sports
HCR 18 - Urges all public schools to institute Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) in their schools

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