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Bills Sponsored by Senator White

SB 65 - Modifies provisions regarding punitive damages
SB 66 - Establishes provisions relating to water safety and security
SB 67 - Provides that persons providing emergency medical services in certain instances shall only be liable for gross negligence
SB 123 - Allows certain appointed persons who serve court orders to collect the charge for such service for deposit into the Deputy Sheriff Salary Supplementation Fund
SB 234 - Enacts provisions relating to disability accommodations for commercial driver's license applicants
SB 235 - Requires health insurance policies to provide coverage for hearing instruments and related services for enrollees under the age of 18
SB 236 - Bars certain professionals and entities from being held liable for damages resulting from any lawfully conducted body cavity search
SB 237 - Modifies postconviction treatment programs
SB 239 - Allows counties to opt out of provisions relating to prevailing wage
SB 240 - Allows counties to adopt provisions relating to membership in labor organizations
SB 270 - Modifies provisions regarding the management of court systems
SB 297 - Allows individuals 75 years of age or older to be excused from petit and grand jury service
SB 298 - Enacts provisions relating to payments for health care services
SB 306 - Modifies provisions regarding education for members of military families
SB 397 - Extends the period of time in which a petition to create a museum and cultural district may be filed
SB 398 - Authorizes, prosecuting attorneys to divert criminal cases to a prosecution diversion programs
SB 417 - Requires the reporting of information relating to certain health care expenditures
SB 418 - Modifies provisions relating to trust decanting
SB 422 - Modifies provisions regarding the assignment for benefit of creditors
SB 435 - Modifies provisions relating to hospital infection control data reporting
SB 466 - Requires the Department of Revenue to establish an electronically accessible motor vehicle financial responsibility verification system
SCR 27 - Establishes November 2019 as Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes Awareness Month in Missouri
HB 108 - Designates May as "Mental Health Awareness Month" and July as "Minority Mental Health Awareness Monthin Missouri"
HB 160 - Creates provisions relating to the regulation of water usage
HB 168 - Modifies provisions of law relating to certain distributors of hypodermic needles
HB 207 - Allows for individuals to elect to include medical alert information on their driver's license or nondriver identification card
HB 400 - Modifies the Missouri Returning Heroes Education Act
HB 489 - Modifies provisions regarding punitive damages

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