Bills Sponsored by Senator Onder

SB 37 - Modifies the offense and penalties of promoting prostitution in the first degree
SB 38 - Creates new provisions relating to joint employers
SB 39 - Allows the concealed carry of firearms on public transportation systems and the transporting of nonfunctioning or unloaded firearms on public buses
SB 190 - Requires a portion of sales and use tax revenue to be deposited into the State Road Fund
SB 197 - Modifies provisions relating to intoxicating liquor
SB 198 - Enhances penalties for the offense of controlled substances containing fentanyl or carfentanil
SB 260 - Increases the amount of the personal income tax cut and the business income deduction in current law
SB 279 - Modifies several provisions relating to abortion
SB 308 - Prohibits public bodies from entering into certain contracts
SB 313 - Modifies provisions relating to the misclassification of workers
SB 334 - This act modifies the offense of driving with excessive blood alcohol content and also changes other sections of law to reflect these changes
SB 335 - Prohibits the sale and marketing of certain medical marijuana products
SB 381 - Repeals certain vehicle safety inspection requirements
SB 396 - Modifies credentialing procedures for health care practitioners
SB 433 - Creates the offense of vehicle hijacking
SB 467 - Provides a sales tax exemption for the production of electricity
SB 479 - Modifies various provisions relating to criminal offenses
HB 65 - Modifies a definition relating to alcohol
HB 114 - Requires certain sexual offenders to be electronically monitored while relocating to a different county
HB 239 - Modifies provisions relating to the offenses of trafficking drugs in the first and second degrees
HB 356 - Modifies provisions relating to intoxicating liquor
HB 451 - Modifies provisions relating to vehicle inspections
HB 723 - Modifies provisions relating to public employee retirement systems
HB 758 - Modifies provisions relating to health care
HB 966 - Creates the offense of vehicle hijacking

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