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Bills Sponsored by Senator Emery

SB 7 - Modifies provisions of civil procedure regarding joinder and venue
SB 8 - Modifies the criminal offenses that are punished by a minimum prison term
SB 9 - Requires the Senate to try all impeachments
SB 79 - Modifies provisions regarding municipal court procedure and revenue collected in certain minor traffic and municipal ordinance violation cases
SB 80 - Modifies provisions relating to teacher employment
SB 81 - Modifies provisions regarding insurance coverage of the cost to defend a claim in an administrative proceeding, proposed administrative rules affecting real property, and procedures for judicial review of action by a state agency
SB 130 - Provides that no public school shall be a member of at statewide activities association if such association prohibits a home school student from participating in any event or activity offered by a public school in the school district in which the student resides
SB 131 - Modifies provisions relating to the distribution of energy
SB 132 - Modifies provisions regarding fees for access to public records and authorizes closure of certain constituent and legislative records of members of the General Assembly
SB 207 - Modifies provisions relating to the administrative adjudication of certain municipal ordinance violations
SB 238 - Modifies provisions relating to eligibility for unemployment benefits
SB 271 - Transfers the authority of the State Board of Education and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to regulate charter schools to the Missouri Charter Public School Commission
SB 272 - Excludes any money reimbursed to school districts for the costs of special education from the calculation of average daily attendance
SB 273 - Modifies provisions relating to video service providers
SB 353 - Modifies provisions relating to practitioner-patient consultations for prescribed opioid controlled substances
SB 382 - Requires internet service providers to block obscene websites and provide subscribers the ability to create a password to access such websites
SB 383 - Modifies provisions relating to the sale of utilities in fourth class cities
SB 447 - Modifies provisions relating to the determination of state school aid
SB 494 - Establishes provisions relating to asset forfeiture
SB 495 - Repeals certain duties of the Joint Committee on Government Accountability
SB 496 - Includes supplementary fees, course fees, laboratory fees, and all other fees in the definition of "tuition" for public institutions of higher education
SCR 3 - Recognizes the societal harms brought by pornography and the need for education, prevention, research, and policy change
SCR 13 - Encourages schools to include courses on the Bible in education curriculum
SJR 2 - Requires the Senate, beginning January 1, 2021, to try all impeachments and modifies what constitutes grounds for impeachment
HB 113 - Modifies provisions relating to public safety
HB 192 - Modifies provisions relating to court procedures
HB 220 - Modifies provisions relating to the taxation of companies regulated by the Public Service Commission
HB 267 - Allows school districts to offer elective social studies courses on the Bible
HB 280 - Modifies model traffic ordinances to require vehicles to stop for "other on-track equipment" in addition to trains
HB 287 - Modifies provisions relating to electric vehicle charging stations
HB 352 - Authorizes the early parole of certain offenders over the age of sixty-five
HB 485 - Modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education

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