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Bills Sponsored by Senator Holsman

SB 152 - Modifies provisions relating to political subdivisions
SB 412 - Modifies provisions for the abatement of vacant nuisance properties in Kansas City
SB 455 - Permits funeral directors to perform cremations at an outdoor human cremation facility
SB 478 - Exempts school districts from the required number of days school districts are required to make up for days lost due to inclement weather for the 2018-2019 school year
SCR 8 - Requests Congress to call an Article V Convention of the States
SCR 20 - Supports rules and procedures for Article V Conventions
SCR 22 - Supports increased public awareness on the issue of motorcycle profiling
SJR 13 - Modifies provisions relating to members of the General Assembly
SJR 15 - Creates new constitutional provisions relating to campaign finance disclosure requirements
SJR 26 - Modifies provisions relating to providing funds for emergencies in this state
SJR 28 - Exempts personal property over ten years old from property tax
SR 20 - Modifies Senate Rule 29
SR 312 - Proposes a change to Senate Rule 91

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