Bills Sponsored by Senator Nasheed

SB 22 - Modifies Missouri Supreme Court Rules relating to discovery in criminal cases
SB 23 - Creates new provisions relating to firearm restraining orders
SB 24 - Creates new provisions relating to the transfer of prisoners to certain facilities
SB 91 - Provides that a court may, rather than shall, double the fine imposed for a traffic offense committed in a designated safe travel zone
SB 92 - Requires health insurers to cover fertility treatments under certain circumstances
SB 203 - Modifies nuisance actions in certain cities and counties
SB 261 - Provides that lawful consumption of medical marijuana shall not render a person ineligible for TANF benefits
SB 311 - Modifies provisions relating to tax increment financing
SB 404 - Allows tenants to terminate their lease in certain situations of domestic violence, stalking, or sexual assault
SB 459 - Creates the offense of vehicle hijacking
SCR 18 - Urges the Attorney General to join in a lawsuit challenging the validity of President Trump's declaration of a national emergency
SJR 22 - Creates new constitutional provisions relating to the modification to the form of local governments

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