SB 512 - Under this act, the provisions that currently allow a county or St. Louis City to be reimbursed by the state for costs incurred by boarding certain offenders shall expire on August 28, 2019. Certain reimbursements for costs incurred before August 28, 2019, shall be paid at the discretion at the General Assembly.

This act creates the "Local Boarding of Offenders Grant Program". This program allows the Department of Corrections to issue grants to counties and St. Louis City that have applied for a grant and are seeking reimbursement of costs incurred by boarding certain offenders. These costs must have occurred after August 28, 2019. The Department shall publish a report detailing the requirements a grant application is required to meet in order to be granted.

The grants issued by the program created by this act shall be paid out of the "Local Boarding of Offenders Fund", which is also created by this act. This fund shall consist of money appropriated to it by the General Assembly. Money in this fund shall be used solely by the Department of Corrections to issue grants authorized by the Local Boarding of Offenders Grant Program.


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